Sentence Examples

  • This part of the river's course, the ancient Assyria, is also a rich agricultural region.
  • Opposite Mosul are the ruins of ancient Nineveh, the last capital of Assyria, and 20 m.
  • This appears actually to be the case in the period of the First Dynasty of Babylon and also in the 7th century in Assyria, where early Babylonian customs were kept up conservatively.
  • SIN, the name of the moon-god in Babylonia and Assyria, also known as Nannar, the "illuminer."
  • The discovery of the now celebrated Code of Khammurabi (Hammurabi)' (hereinafter simply termed 1 For the transliteration of Babylonian and Assyrian names generally, see Babylonia And Assyria, section ix., Proper Names.