Sentence Examples

  • More potable is Aso-take, some 20 m.
  • They may be enumerated, proceeding from Rimini southwards: (1) the Foglia; (2) the Metauro, of historical celebrity, and affording access to one of the most frequented passes of the Apennines; (3) the Esino; (4) the Potenza; (5) the Chienti; (6) the Aso; (7) the Tronto; (8) the Vomano; (9) the Aterno; (10) the Sangro; (11) the Trigno, which forms the boundary of the southernmost province of the Abruzzi, and may therefore be taken as the limit of Central Italy.
  • Aso-take is still an active volcano, but its eruptions during recent years have been confined to ashes and dust.
  • Aso-take (Higo) 5545.
  • (14) where (00,v), (e 0, vo) are any two points on the adiabatic. The corresponding expressions for the change of energy or total heat are obtained by adding the term 2as 0 (02-002) to those already given, thus: E - Eo = so (0-00) + 2 aso (02-002), F - Fo=S0(0-00) + zaso (02-002), where So= so+R.

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