Sentence Examples

  • Since 1824) to whom it would have reverted in any :ase at the death of the duchess of Parma.
  • The sum and product of two quaternions are defined by the formulae mi ase + F+lases = (a s + 133) es 2arer X ZO,es = Fiarfseres, where the products e,e, are further reduced according to the following multiplication table, in which, for example, the eo e1 e2 e3 second line is to be read eieo = e1, e 1 2 = - eo, e i e 2 = es, eie3 = - e2.
  • (1) Words which have their, radical termination in n but which in the singular drop that n, resume It in the plural before I: homin-ein makes ome in the singular and omens in the plural; asin-u-rn makes ase and asens.

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