Sentence Examples

  • Students are immersed in a yogic lifestyle for 30 days and will experience the effects of meditation, prayer, and a healthy diet in addition to the course elements of asana, pranayama and teaching skills.
  • Both the intensive program and the weekend program contain the same elements: ranging from asana and pranayama practice, to anatomy and physiology, as well as covering the yogic lifestyle and diet.
  • Rarely is there a prerequisite test prior to training, but you'll be so immersed into the foundation of each practice that you won't want to worry if you're doing a movement or asana correctly.
  • The "Easy Does It" program teaches daily breathing exercises, muscle relaxation methods, meditation, self-massage and gentle seated poses modified from Hatha asana poses.
  • The corpse pose is a resting pose used for deep relaxation concluding an asana or pranayama program, but is added to any program for arthritis as often as necessary.

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