Sentence Examples

  • AUGUSTE CHARLES [[Joseph FLAHAUT DE LA BILLARDERIE, Comte De]] (1785-1870), French general and statesman, son of Alexandre Sebastien de Flahaut de la Billarderie, comte de Flahaut, beheaded at Arras in February 1793, and his wife Adelaide Filleul, afterwards Mme de Souza, was born in Paris on the 21 st of April 1785.
  • Maximilian was compelled to assent to the treaty of Arras in 1482 between the states of the Netherlands and Louis XI.
  • On his release he had promised he would maintain the treaty of Arras and withdraw from the Netherlands; but he delayed his departure for nearly a year and took part in a punitive campaign against his captors and their allies.
  • Its main lines run from Paris to Calais, via Creil, Amiens and Boulogne, from Paris to Lille, via Creil and Arras, and from Paris to Maubeuge via Creil, Tergnier and St Quentin.
  • Such are Arras, Longwy, Mzires and Montmdy.