Sentence Examples

  • But generally cast in the form of dialogues with God and the archangels, whom he repeatedly invokes as witnesses to his veracity.
  • Of primitive mythological traditions we might mention the primeval serpent, leviathan, behemoth, while to ideas native to or familiar in apocalyptic belong those of the seven archangels, the angelic patrons of the nations (Deut.
  • Visions and the conversations with the archangels and Ormazd which are mentioned already in the Gathas.
  • Beyond the Lord and his Fire, the Gathas only recognize the archangels and certain ministers of Ormazd, who are, without exception, personifications of abstract ideas.
  • By uttering a sacred formula the good spirit throws the evil one into a state of confusion for a second 3000 years, while he produces the archangels and the material creation, including the sun, moon and stars.