Sentence Examples

  • Cicero remarks upon his fondness for archaisms (Brutus, 74.259).
  • His style shows the African revolt of which we have already spoken, and in its medley of archaisms, Graecisms and Hebraisms reveals the strength of the disintegrating forces at work upon the Latin language.
  • By the substitution of " infinite " and " reasoning " for such archaisms as " incomprehensible " and " reasonable."
  • Certain peculiarities in the language of the Pentateuch (xm for N ' r wn for rngv), which used to be regarded as archaisms, are to be explained as purely orthographical.
  • This Old Coptic, as it is termed, was still almost entirely free from Greek loanwords, and its strong archaisms are doubtless accounted for by the literary language, even in its most vulgar forms, having moved more slowly than the speech of the people.