Sentence Examples

  • But among archaeologists the word is usually restricted in its technical modern application to a sepulchral mound of greater or less magnitude.
  • Even before this it had been clear to archaeologists and ethnologists that there was no evidence to support the popular theory that Zimbabwe had been built in very ancient days by some Oriental people.
  • At Spalato and on the island of Lesina) has been shown by modern archaeologists to belong to the Roman period.
  • Many French Jews acquired fame, among them the ministers Cremieux (1796-1879), Fould, Gondchaux and Raynal; the archaeologists and philologians Oppert, Halevy, Munk, the Derenbourgs, Darmesteters and Reinachs; the musicians Halevy, Waldteufel and Meyerbeer; the authors and dramatists Catulle Mendes and A.
  • The island first attracted the notice of archaeologists by the remarkable archaic Greek bronzes found in a cave on Mount Ida in 1885, as well as by epigraphic monuments such as the famous law of Gortyna; but the first undoubted Aegean remains reported from it were a few objects extracted from Cnossus by Minos Kalokhairinos of Candia in 1878.

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