Sentence Examples

  • C. Jeffrey have recently shown that some Lower Cretaceous specimens of the well-known genus Brachyphyllum obtained from Staten Island, N.Y., possess wood of the Araucarian type.
  • Some of the fossils referred to the genus Kaidocarpon, and originally described as monocotyledonous inflorescences, are undoubted Araucarian cones; other cones of the same type have been placed in the genus Cycadeostrobus and referred to Cycads.
  • Hudlestoni, and named by Carruthers Kaidocarpon ooliticum, afford good illustrations of British Araucarian flowers.
  • The well-known Whitby jet of Upper Liassic age appears to have been formed to a large extent from Araucarian wood.
  • Diem Lanzaeanum, which last has a very wide toc range in time; Monocotyledons, by a Sabal and a feather-palm, as well as by the two aquatic genera above mentioned; Gymnosperms, by the extinct araucarian genus Doliostrobus, by rare pine-cones, and by Athrotaxis.

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