Sentence Examples

  • Specialty pieces include three stone rings, diamond earrings, multi-tone jewelry, right hand rings, and a variety of distinctive and unusual gems such as aquamarine and mystic topaz.
  • Capturing the translucent blue freshness of the oceans, aquamarine is the stone of harmony and friendship making it a fitting choice for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring.
  • Tanzanite, aquamarine, rubies, peridot, onyx, pearls, and pink tourmaline are also popular choices, giving couples the opportunity to have more unique designs than classic diamonds.
  • For symbolic jewelry, a groom may choose an aquamarine engagement ring for his bride's birthstone or a husband might mark his 19th wedding anniversary by gifting his wife with an aquamarine eternity ring.
  • The clear icy blue tones of the aquamarine are in perfect contrast to the luscious warmth of the chocolate diamond, the juxtaposition like a dazzling marriage of opposite personalities.