Sentence Examples

  • Some have claimed for it apostolical sanction and found its origin in the liturgical head-gear of the Jewish priesthood.
  • The functions of the deaconess were as follows: (1) To assist at the baptism of women, especially in connexion with the anointing of the body which in the ancient Church always preceded immersion; (2) to visit the women of the Church in their homes and to minister to the needs of the sick and afflicted; (3) according to the Apostolical Constitutions they acted as door-keepers in the church, received women as they entered and conducted them to their allotted seats.
  • The picture of Apostolical Christianity found in the New Testament offered indeed a glaring g g contrast to the papal system of the later middle ages.
  • Also Brown, Apostolical Succession, p. 144.
  • In the Apostolical Constitutions (ii.