Sentence Examples

  • A, View of the heart of a dog infested with Filaria immitis Leidy; the right ventricle and base of the pulmonary artery have been opened: a, aorta; b, pulmonary artery; c, vena cava; d, right ventricle; e, appendix of left auricle; f, appendix of right auricle.
  • Insert the needle deeply into the interior of the right lateral wall of the aorta 5mm proximal to the aortic anastomosis line.
  • The flow in the ascending aorta is particularly complex.
  • They discovered a large aneurysm of the proximal descending aorta at the site of the Dacron Patch Graft repair done 14 years earlier.
  • One to clamp the aorta and one to clamp the graft when testing the upper anastomosis.

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