Sentence Examples

  • Cambrai is the ancient Nervian town of Camaracum, which is mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary.
  • Iverio, Hiverio (Antonine Itinerary), Hiberio (Confession of St Patrick), Old Irish Eriu, Heriu, gen.
  • But beyond Florentia, between Luca (Lucca) and Luna, we find another Forum Clodii, and the Antonine Itinerary gives the route from Luca to Rome as being by the Via Clodia - wrongly as regards the portion from Florentia southwards, but perhaps rightly as regards that from Luca to Florentia.
  • Schulz, Das Kaiserhaus der Antonine and der letzte Historiker Roms (1907).
  • Though scattered notices of towns, cities and rivers in Britain are to be found in various early Roman writers, it is not till the time of Ptolemy (2nd century), who constructed a map of the island, and of the itinerary of Antonine (beginning of the 3rd century) that we have much information as to the cities and towns of Britain.

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