Sentence Examples

  • Antilogarithms 8.5 88.
  • 2, as base, and take as indices the successive decimal numbers to any particular number of places of decimals, we get a series of antilogarithms of the indices to this base.
  • We thus get the numbers 2 0l .02 2.03 which are the antilogarithms of 01, 02, .03,.
  • As the table of antilogarithms is formed by successive multiplications, so the logarithm of any given number is in theory found by successive divisions.
  • This table distinctly involves the principle of logarithms and may be described as a modified table of antilogarithms. It consists of two series of numbers, the one being an arithmetical and the other a geometrical progression: thus 0, 1,0000 0000 10, I,0001 0000 20, 1,0002 000 I 9 90, 1,0099 4967 In the arithmetical column the numbers increase by io, in the geometrical column each number is derived from its predecessor by multiplication by i 0001.

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