Sentence Examples

  • After the general election of 1857 the demand for reform~ increased, and, in accepting office in 1858, Lord Derby thought it necessary to declare that, though hehad maintained in opposition that the settlement of 1832, with all its anOmalies, afforded adequate representation to all classes, the promises of previous governments and the expectations of the people imposed on him the duty of bringing forward legislation onth subject.
  • A new world, after death, may be called in to redress the balance of the old; but anomalies remain which faith in a future immortality does not touch.
  • He regarded these anomalies as solely due to the chemical nature of the elements, and ignored or regarded as insignificant such factors as the state of aggregation and change of specific heat with temperature.
  • The temperature anomalies are also instructive: they rival those of Asia in value, though not in area, being from 15 to 20 above the mean of their latitude in the northern interior in summer, and as much below in winter.
  • In these conditions the machinery of government, despite its many imperfections and anomalies, worked smoothly.

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