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  • This eastern region was occupied in the 17th century by the Annamese, who in the 18th century absorbed the western provinces.
  • Taking in the suburban population the inhabitants numbered in 1905 about 1 io,000, including 103,000 Annamese, 2289 Chinese and 2665 French, exclusive of troops.
  • The Annamese are, however, a distinct race.
  • M.; its population at 1,500,000, of whom some three-quarters are Cambodians, the rest Chinese, Annamese, Chams, Malays, and aboriginal natives.
  • It supports a fishing population of over 30,000, most of whom are Annamese; the fish, which are taken by means of large nets at the end of the inundation, are either dried or fermented for the production of the sauce known as nuoc-mam.

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