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  • The term formerly included the whole Annamese empire - Tongking, Annam, and Lower Cochin-China, but it now comprises only the French colony, which corresponds to Lower Cochin-China, and consists of the six southern provinces of the Annamese empire annexed by France in 1862 and 1867.
  • In 1901 the population numbered 2,968,529, of whom 4932 were French (exclusive of French troops, who numbered 2537), 2,558,301 Annamese, 231,902 Cambodians, 9 Chinese, 4 2, 940 savages (Min Huong), the rest being Asiatics of other nationalities, together with a few Europeans other than French.
  • The Don-Nai, which rising in the Annamese mountains flows west, then abruptly south, reaching the sea to the west of Cape St Jacques; the Saigon river, which flowing from north-west to south-east passes Saigon, the capital of the colony, m.
  • These administer justice in accordance both with French law and, in the case of natives, with Annamese law, which has been codified for the purpose.
  • This eastern region was occupied in the 17th century by the Annamese, who in the 18th century absorbed the western provinces.

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