Sentence Examples

  • In the case of the fraction a 1 - a2 _ a3 _a4 _ we have the relations p n = = ang n-1 - bngn-2 Taking the quantities a l..
  • I-CH`ANG (YI-CH ` ANG, anciently known as Yi-ling), a town of China in the province of Hu-peh, one of the four ports opened to foreign trade by treaty in 1877.
  • The rivalries of the two powers were concluded after a last and indecisive war by the treaty of 1846, as a result of which Ang-Duong, the protege of Siam, was placed on the throne at the capital of Oudong, and the Annamese evacuated the country.
  • In 1863, in order to counteract Siamese influence there, Doudart de Lagree was sent by Admiral la Grandiere to the court of King Norodom, the successor of Ang-Duong, and as a result of his efforts Cambodia placed itself under the protectorate of France.