Sentence Examples

  • Centuries of alien domination have left their mark upon the character and appearance of the Andalusians, a mixed race, who contrast strongly with the true Spaniards and possess many oriental traits.
  • In this vast region and in all the towns of Barbary many of the Andalusians settled.
  • The Andalusians also very readily write these words jabid, jorma, joder.
  • This aspirate, expressed by j, often has no etymological origin; for example, Jimdalo, a nickname applied to Andalusians, is simply the word Andaluz pronounced with the strong aspiration.
  • C, I are seldom pronounced like s; but a feature more peculiar to the Andalusians is the inverse process, the softened and interdental pronunciation of the s (the so-called ceceo): zeor (sehor), &c. Before a consonant and at the end of a word s becomes a simple aspiration: mihmo (mismo), Dioh (Dios), do reales (dos reales).

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