Sentence Examples

  • 9) which branch but do not anastomose, and the apices of which keep pace in their growth with that of the other tissues of -, the plant (Anocynaceae, most Eunhorbi(Alter Haberlandt.
  • Lastly, towards the caudal region the right and left strands approach and anastomose, eventually coalescing in the mid line.
  • A complex network, however, does occur in Lybiodrilus and certain other Eudrilidae, where the paired nephridia possess ducts leading to the exterior which ramify and anastomose on the thickness of the body wall.
  • 22 and 28); it gives off a branch to each tentacle, and these all anastomose at the base of the tentacles with the second nerve of the arm, the so-called secondary arm-nerve.
  • The branching processes of these cells apparently anastomose with one another and form a delicate supporting network.

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