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  • AMPEREMETER, or Ammeter, an instrument for the measurement of electric currents in terms of the unit called the ampere.
  • There is therefore a certain ratio in which any current passing through the ammeter is divided between the shunt and the working wire.
  • A much better form of electromagnetic ammeter can be constructed on a principle now extensively employed, which consists in pivoting in the strong field of a permanent magnet a small coil through which a part of the current to be measured is sent.
  • Such an instrument is called a shunted movable coil ammeter, and is represented by a type of instrument shown in fig.
  • In this last case the shunt need not be contained in the instrument itself but may be at a considerable distance, wires being brought from the shunt which carries the main current to the movable coil ammeter itself, which performs the function simply of an indicator, 3.

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