Sentence Examples

  • The Skraup reaction is a perfectly general one for primary amino-compounds; the halogen-, nitroand oxy-anilines (aminophenols) react similarly, as do also the toluidines, naphthylamines, aminoanthracene, metaand para-phenylene diamines, and orthoand 7-aminoquinoline.
  • By the reduction of nitro-phenols, the corresponding aminophenols are obtained, and of these, the metaand para-derivatives are the most important.
  • The aminophenols also find application as developers in photography, the more important of these developers being amidol, the hydrochloride of diaminophenol, ortol, the hydrochloride of para-methylaminophenol, C6H4.
  • Aminoand oxy-benzenes, aminophenols, quinones, and oxycarboxylic acids.
  • The electrolytic reduction of the aromatic nitro compounds gives rise to substituted hydroxylamines which are immediately transformed into aminophenols or amines.

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