Sentence Examples

  • It also acts in an opposite manner in certain cases, adding the elements of water to compounds; thus, nitriles are converted into acid-amides, and various acetylene derivatives may be caused to yield ketonic derivatives.
  • They are obtained by condensing a halogen derivatives of ketones with acid-amides (M.
  • The dihydro-oxazoles or oxazolines are similarly formed when 13-halogen alkyl amides are condensed with alkali (S.
  • Gattermann, Ann., 1888, 244, p. 30), melts at 50° C. and boils at 61-62° C. In the presence of anhydrous aluminium chloride it reacts with aromatic hydrocarbons to form the amides of aromatic acids.
  • Those containing more than one acyl group are formed by the action of carbonyl chloride on acid amides: COC1 2 +2CH 3 Conh 2 = Co(NHCOCH3)2+2HC1.

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