Sentence Examples

  • In 1840 the Althing was re-established as an advisory, not as a legislative body.
  • The largest town is Reykjavik on Faxafloi, with 6700 inhabitants, the capital of the island, and the place of residence of the governorgeneral and the bishop. Here the Althing meets; and here, further, are the principal public institutions of the island (library, schools, &c.).
  • According to the constitution granted to Iceland in 1874, the king of Denmark shares the legislative power with the Althing, an assembly of 36 members, 30 of whom are elected by household suffrage, and 6 nominated by the king.
  • The Althing meets every second year, and sits in two divisions, the upper and the lower.
  • The minister for Iceland, who resided in Copenhagen until 1903, when his office was transferred to Reykjavik, is responsible to the king and the Althing for the maintenance of the constitution, and he submits to the king for confirmation the legislative measures proposed by the Althing.

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