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  • Bomarea - Curious and handsome plants of the Amaryllis order allied to Alstroemeria, requiring greenhouse temperature so far as now known.
  • Thus, the Lent lily is Narcissus Pseudonarcissus; the African lily is Agapanthus umbellatus; the Belladonna lily is Amaryllis Belladonna (q.v.); the Jacobaea lily is Sprekelia formosissima; the Mariposa lily is Calochortus; the lily of the Incas is Alstroemeria pelegrina; St Bernard's lily is Anthericum Liliago; St Bruno's lily is Anthericum (or Paradisia) Liliastrum; the water lily is Nymphaea alba; the Arum lily is Richardia africana; and there are many others.
  • In Alstroemeria, as represented in fig.
  • - Helicoid cyme of a species of Alstroemeria.

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