Sentence Examples

  • At the beginning of the war both the empire and the pope were against him, but he neutralized their hostility by allying himself with George of Podvebrad, 'whom the Hussites had placed on the throne of Bohemia.
  • Meanwhile Charles of Navarre had been released by his partisans, and allying himself with Marcel had become a popular hero in Paris.
  • Reversed the traditional policy of his house by allying himself with the Hohenstaufens.
  • Allying himself with the Franks and Vandals, he led his vast many-nationed army to the Rhine in the spring of 451, crossed that river, and sacked, apparently, most of the cities in Belgic Gaul.
  • Allying himself to Demetrius, Simon succeeded in negotiating a treaty whereby the political independence of Judaea was at length secured.

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