Sentence Examples

  • II, 66 alludes to the consulship of P. Scipio in the same year.
  • 2.49,120) alludes to an age limit (originally thirty years, until lowered by Augustus to twenty-five),to a property qualification (cf.
  • To a Rechabite (the clan is allied to the Kenites) is definitely ascribed a hand in Jehu's sanguinary measures, and, though little is told of the obviously momentous events, one writer clearly alludes to a bloody period when reforms were to be effected by the sword (1 Kings xix.
  • Hausmann in 1813, alludes to the arsenic and iron present (cfipµ.aKov, poison, and aLo pos, iron).
  • Occubant (present tense), which alludes to the imprisonment of Naevius, an event which cannot be proved to be earlier than 206 B.C. The defects of construction and the absence of "cantica" in the Miles also point to this as one of his early plays.

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