Sentence Examples

  • Another alliterative poem in the northern dialect, of 15th-century origin, is based on the Historia de proeliis, and was edited by Skeat for the E.E.T.S.
  • Amours in Scottish Alliterative Poems (Scottish Text Society, 18 97), pp. 47-81.
  • A broadside entitled Davy Dycars Dreame, a short and seemingly alliterative poem in the manner of Piers Plowman, brought him into trouble with the privy council, but he was dismissed with a reprimand.
  • Independent of this group of alliterative romances is the not less important body of historical verse associated with the names of John Barbour, Andrew of Wyntoun, and, in the middle period, Harry the Minstrel.
  • It is remarkable that each of these poets has ]eft one example of the old manner, shown in the alliterative romancepoem; but the fact that in each case their purpose is strongly burlesque is significant of the change in literary outlook.