Sentence Examples

  • Thus the alkalinity serves as an index of the admixture of river water with sea-water.
  • Iron and quinine citrate is used as a bitter stomachic and tonic. In the blood citrates are oxidized into carbonates; they therefore act as remote alkalis, increasing the alkalinity of the blood and thereby the general rate of chemical change within the body.
  • The increasing temperature raises the rate of animal metabolism, while the higher alkalinity is a stimulus to cell-division.
  • He also traced a connexion between alkalinity, temperature and current-density, and showed that these conditions should be mutually adjusted.
  • Since 1851 it has been known that all sea-water has an alkaline reaction, and Torniie defined the alkalinity of sea-water as the amount of carbonic acid which is necessary to convert the excess of bases into normal carbonate.

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