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  • Rabbu1a perhaps owed his elevation to the see of Edessa (411-435), in the year which produced the oldest dated Syriac MS., to his asceticism, and it was to his time that the sojourn there of the " Man of God " (Alexis) was assigned; but he won from the Nestorians the title of the Tyrant of Edessa.
  • AMANS ALEXIS MONTEIL (1769-1850), French historian, was born at Rodez in 1769, and died at Cely (Seine-et-Marne) in 1850.
  • Kastoria is the seat of an Orthodox archbishop. It is usually identified with the ancient Celetrum, captured by the Romans under Sulpicius, during the first Macedonian campaign, 200 B.C., and better known for the defence maintained by Bryennius against Alexis I.
  • His most important works, all of which were written in French, are: Lettre sur la sculpture (1769), in which occurs the well-known definition of the Beautiful as "that which gives us the greatest number of ideas in the shortest space of time"; its continuation, Lettre sur les desirs (1770); Lettre sur l'homme et ses rapports (1772), in which the "moral organ" and the theory of knowledge are discussed; Sopyle (1778), a dialogue on the relation between the soul and the body, and also an attack on materialism; Aristee (1779), the "theodicy" of Hemsterhuis, discussing the existence of God and his relation to man; Simon (1787), on the four faculties of the soul, which are the will, the imagination, the moral principle (which is both passive and active); Alexis (1787), an attempt to prove that :here are three golden ages, the last being the life beyond the grave; Lettre sur l'atheisme (1787).
  • Maupertuis and Alexis Clairault on their geodetical expedition to Lapland.

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