Sentence Examples

  • Although technically not free, one of the most effective ways to get an affordable cellular phone is to purchase a prepaid phone that comes pre-loaded with a certain amount of airtime.
  • However, if it pains you to miss even a second of airtime, consider asking a friend or family member to record episodes for you, or start hanging out with someone who owns a TiVo.
  • On the surface, it may not sound like it's worth your time to search for these promotional codes, since they may only provide you with ten or twenty free airtime minutes.
  • Unfortunately, stations like MTV and VH-1 have changed their style a lot in recent years- it is becoming harder and harder for bands to get airtime with music videos.
  • Three hours a day, five days a week, about four weeks a month: That's sixty hours of airtime that could be free with one mobile operator and not free with the other.