Sentence Examples

  • Died, and was succeeded by his elder son, Ahmed I., a boy of fourteen.
  • (1611-1640) was the son of Sultan Ahmed I., and succeeded his uncle Mustafa I.
  • By the victory he gained at Bassora in 1605 he extended his empire beyond the Euphrates; sultan Ahmed I.
  • In 1881 Mahommed Ahmed ibn Seyyid Abdullah, a Dongolese, proclaimed himself al-mandi and founded in the eastern Sudan the short-lived empire overthrown by an AngloEgyptian force at the battle of Omdurman in 1898.
  • Concurrently with the claim of Mahommed Ahmed to be the mandi the same title was claimed by, or for, the head of the Senussites, a confraternity powerful in many regions of North Africa.