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  • In Hindu mythology the Maruts, Indra, Agni and Vishnu wage war with the serpent Ahi to deliver the celestial cows or spouses, the waters held captive in the caverns of the clouds.
  • The chief foes of Indra are Vrittra and Ahi, serpents which swallow up the waters, precisely as frogs do in Australian and Californian and Andaman myths.
  • Ahi, Iran.
  • 115): "Ahi, Costantin, di questo mal fu matre Non la tua conversion, ma quella dote Che da to prese it primo ricco patre !"
  • 835 B.C.; Ninib-mukin-ahi, 790-761 B.C.; Mande, 725 B.C.; Nabu-dini-epush, 704 B.C.; Ahi-ilai, 649 B.C., officiated as Eponyms for the year.

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