Sentence Examples

  • Sent her to half a dozen agencies on rotation.
  • While Dean planned to again call the state agencies in an attempt to run down Martha, he didn't have to wait.
  • Already as chairman of the food section of the Council of National Defense he had begun to marshal all the agencies for economizing, especially on those foods which the Allies needed.
  • We are told that we can see " the law at work underneath the more superficial agencies on which attention fixes itself "; it " undergoes temporary suspension," which may last indefinitely; and " there is another agency, in habitual antagonism " to it, namely, " the progress of civilization," which may include every kind of human improvement.
  • The city's contribution to the Liberty and Victory loans was $625,429,600, to the Red Cross 810,194,765, and to the seven relief agencies $13,909,000, making a total of $649,533,365.