Sentence Examples

  • The light had to traverse a screen of water before passing through the C, and one of aesculin (which filters out the blue and violet rays) before passing the B.
  • The bark of the horse-chestnut contains a greenish oil, resin, a yellow body, a tannin, C26 H 24012, existing likewise in the seeds and various parts of the tree, and decomposable into phloroglucin and aesciglyoxalic acid, C 7 H 6 O 3, also aesculetin hydrate, and the crystalline fluorescent compound aesculin, of the formulaC21H24013 (Rochleder and Schwarz), with which occurs a similar substance fraxin, the paviin of Sir G.
  • 126, 1860), who suggests that its presence may perhaps account for the discrepancies in the analyses of aesculin given by different authors.

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