Sentence Examples

  • Brown writes: "If for the theory ` life without air ' is substituted the consideration that yeast cells can use oxygen in the manner of ordinary aerobic fungi, and probably do require it for the full completion of their lifehistory, but that the exhibition of their fermentative functions is independent of their environment with regard to free oxygen, it will be found that there is nothing contradictory in Pasteur's experiments to such a hypothesis."
  • Anaerobic species usually require little oxygen, but aerobic species a free supply.
  • Laurent and others were right, and that Clostridium pasteurianum, for instance, if protected from access of free oxygen by an envelope of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and provided with the carbohydrates and minerals necessary for its growth, fixes nitrogen in proportion to the amount of sugar consumed.
  • No sharp line can be drawn between pathogenic and nonpathogenic Schizomycetes, and some of the most marked steps in the progress of our modern knowledge of these pasteurianum, which is anaerobic, and can fix nitrogen only if protected from oxygen by aerobic species.
  • And I've found that many women try aerobics and give up because they feel awkward and uncomfortable.

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