Sentence Examples

  • People who exercise regularly report lower stress levels, better concentration, improved mental acuity and some studies are beginning to point toward exercise as a way to keeping the mind sharp as you age.
  • It consists of several comprehensive and in-depth assessments of mental status, cranial nerves, motor abilities, reflexes, sensory acuity, and posture and walking (gait) abilities.
  • Native sunglasses have employed a number of technologies in the design of their glasses to provide the best comfort, protection and visual acuity possible.
  • It protects the eyes, sharpens visual acuity and clarity, and indeed enhances performance by keeping visual distortions and distractions to a minimum.
  • Deprived of the sensory input of sound, your visual acuity becomes more finely tuned as you search for evidence of ghosts on your computer screen.