Sentence Examples

  • You may not know what many of these features entail, but be assured, the detailed specifications above are what contributes to your vision acuity, even in the brightest of sunlight, and the dependability of the frames.
  • People who exercise regularly report lower stress levels, better concentration, improved mental acuity and some studies are beginning to point toward exercise as a way to keeping the mind sharp as you age.
  • It consists of several comprehensive and in-depth assessments of mental status, cranial nerves, motor abilities, reflexes, sensory acuity, and posture and walking (gait) abilities.
  • Native sunglasses have employed a number of technologies in the design of their glasses to provide the best comfort, protection and visual acuity possible.
  • It protects the eyes, sharpens visual acuity and clarity, and indeed enhances performance by keeping visual distortions and distractions to a minimum.