Sentence Examples

  • Curae in actus apostolorum syriacos (1755).
  • It is difficult to determine the relation of the so-called Latin Actus Vercellenses (which there are good grounds for assuming were originally called the IIpa cts IIirpov) with the Acts of John and Paul.
  • For the relation of the Actus Vercellenses to the " Martyrdom of the holy apostles Peter and Paul " (Acta Apostol.
  • The text of the Actus Vercellenses is edited by Lipsius, Ada Apostol.
  • As regards the existence (if we may so speak) of the universal in mente, Occam indicates his preference, on the ground of simplicity, for the view which identifies the concept with the actus intelligendi, rather than for that which treats ideas as distinct entities within the mind.