Sentence Examples

  • CH2 CHz?CU; CO CH 3 CO CH2 from sodio-malonic ester and 0-unsaturated ketones or ketonic esters: /CH, CO (R02C)2CH2+ Ph CH :CH /CH:>; CH(C02R) C07 from aceto-acetic ester and esters of a$-unsaturated acids, followed by elimination of the carboxyl group: CH2 CR', CH 3 CO CH 2.
  • Chc02r; CH 2 CO / by the condensation of two molecules of aceto-acetic ester with aldehydes followed by saponification (E.
  • Acids may be prepared by the action of dihalogen paraffins on sodio-malonic ester, or sodio-aceto-acetic ester (W.
  • C 6 H 7 0, is obtained by condensing sodium aceto-acetate with methylene iodide, the ester so formed being then hydrolysed.
  • Hantzsch (Ann., 1882, 215, p. I; Ber., 1882, 15, p. 2914) which consists in the condensation of two molecules of aceto-acetic ester with one of an aldehyde and one of ammonia: RO 2 C CH 2 R' CHO CH 2 CO 2 R RO 2 C C CHR' C C02R CH 3 CO + NH 3 + CO CH 3 -' CH3 C-NH-C CH3 The resulting dihydro-compound is then oxidized with nitrous acid, the ester hydrolysed and the resulting acid heated with lime; carbon dioxide is eliminated and a trisubstituted pyridine of the type CH C(CH3) is obtained.

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