Sentence Examples

  • In the late eighteenth century, French-speaking immigrants arrived from Acadia in Nova Scotia, Canada and settled in southern Louisiana.
  • Under the name of Acadie, or Acadia, and in 1604 he built a fort on Neutral Island at the mouth of the Saint Croix river.
  • In the division of its territory Gorges retained the portion previously granted to him, and the region between the Kennebec and the Saint Croix north to the Saint Lawrence, though still claimed by the French as part of Acadia, was conveyed to Sir William Alexander (1567?- 1640); later, in 1664, this was conveyed to the duke of York, afterwards James II.
  • Of the total irrigated area for rice of 387,580 acres in 1902, 310,670 acres were in the parishes of Calcasieu, Acadia and Vermilion.
  • Among the incidents of these troubled years was the arrival in Louisiana (after 1765) of some hundreds of French exiles from Acadia, who made their homes in the Attakapas country.