Sentence Examples

  • The ordinate whose abscissa is xo+ z H.
  • It arises mainly in statistics, when the ordinate of the trapezette represents the relative frequency of occurrence of the magnitude represented by the abscissa x; the magnitude of the abscissa corresponding to the median ordinate is then the " median value of x."
  • Such a line has for abscissa the distance of a load from one end of a girder, and for ordinate the bending moment or shear at any given section, or on any member, due to that load.
  • Thus PS (or OR) is the abscissa of P. The word appears for the first time in a Latin work written by Stefano degli Angeli (1623-1697), a professor of mathematics in Rome.
  • The relation between x and t in any particular case may be illustrated by means of a curve constructed with I as abscissa and x as ordinate.