Sentence Examples

  • The velocity of advance of B relatively to C is (according to 32) aPi, and of A relatively to B (according to 57) aPi; hence the velocity of A relatively to C is a(piPi), (46)
  • The main islands are Great Banda or Lontor; Banda Neira to its north; Gunong Api, west of Banda Neira; Wai or Ai still farther west, with Run on its south-west; Pisang, north of Gunong Api; and Suwangi, north-west again.
  • A volcanic formation is apparent in Lontor, a sickleshaped island which, with Neira and Gunong Api, forms part of the circle of a crater.
  • Gunong Api (Fire Mountain), 2200 ft.
  • In the space between Lontor, Neira and Gunong Api there is a good harbour, with entrances on either side, which enable vessels to enter on either of the monsoons.