Sentence Examples

  • As expected, The Omen: 666 is not suitable for young children or people who do not have a stomach for classic Scary Movies.
  • The study found the average verbal SAT score was 666, or about 160 points more than the national average.
  • National Down Syndrome Society. 666 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10012-2317.
  • Practically the whole amount contributed towards the support of public local expenditure, and a considerable amount of that contributed to public national expenditure is based on the estimated annual value of the immovable property situated within the county of London, which in 1876 was £23,240,070; in 1886 £30,716,719; in 18 9 6 £35,793, 6 7 2; and in 1909 £44, 666, 6 5 1.
  • The latter method has been modified by adding potassium cyanide in slight excess to the solution of the mixed salts, heating for some time and then adding mercuric oxide and water, the whole being then warmed on the water bath, when a precipitate of mercuric oxide and nickel hydroxide is obtained 666, 670).

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