Sentence Examples

  • CMT1A and 1B, HNPP, and all of the subtypes of CMT2 have autosomal dominant inheritance.
  • The other subtype of type 1 diabetes is called idiopathic, or type 1B diabetes.
  • In 1904 the export was equivalent to about 120 bales out of a total production of 330 bales, and in 1905 to 258 out of 333 bales (of 500 1B each).
  • About 12,000 carriers were collected, the load allotted to each being 50 1b.
  • 1B Under Rome Cyprus was at first appended to the province of Cilicia; after Actium (31 B.C.) it became a separate province, which remained in the hands of Augustus and was governed by a legatus Caesaris pro praetore as long as danger was feared from the East."' No monuments 8 Herod.

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