Sentence Examples

  • The chief frontier tribes on the border are the Waziris, Battannis and Dawaris.
  • In places, too, as, for instance, round Shawal, the summer grazing ground of the Darwesh Khel Waziris, aria on the slopes of Pir Ghol, there is good pasturage and a fair sprinkling of deodars.
  • Frontier agency, besides Chitralis and Bajouris, are the Utman Khel, Yusafzais, Hassanzais, Mohmands, Afridis, Jowakis, Mullagoris, Orakzais, Zaimukhts, Chamkannis, Khattaks, Bangashes, Turis, Waziris, Battannis (Bhitanis) and Sheranis.
  • The Waziris and Swatis successively rose in arms, in June and July 1897, and their example was followed by the Mohmands.
  • But the independence of the Pathan people south of the Gomal is not as the independence of the Pathans (Waziris, Afridis, &c.) who live north of it.

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