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  • That in days so remote as to be undateable, a Dravidian people driven from their primitive home in the hills of the Indian Deccan made their way south via Ceylon (where they may to-day be regarded as represented by the Veddahs) and eventually sailed and drifted in their bark boats to the western and north-western shores of Australia.
  • In many parts of southern Asia are found semi-barbarous races representing the earliest known stratum of population, such as the Veddahs of Ceylon, and various tribes in China General a nd the Malay Archipelago.
  • Fuegians, Bushmen, Veddahs, show the same lack of concern and interest in the memory of the dead.
  • VEDDAHS, or Weddahs (from Sanskrit veddha, " hunter"), a primitive people of Ceylon, probably representing the Yakkos or "demons" of Sanskrit writers, the true aborigines of the island.
  • They are divided into two classes, the Kele Weddo or jungle Veddahs, and the Gan Weddo, or semi-civilized village Veddahs.

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