Sentence Examples

  • The young Brachiopod in all its species is protected by an embryonic shell called the " protegulum," which sometimes persists in the umbones of the adult shells but is more usually worn off.
  • A, b, right and left valves of the shell; c, d, the umbones or short arms of the lever; e, f, the long arms of the lever; g, the hinge; h, the ligament; i, the adductor muscle.
  • Solenopsidae.-Shell equivalve, greatly elongated, umbones very far forward.
  • Hinge pliodont, that is to say, it has numerous teeth on either side of the umbones and the teeth are perpendicular to the edge.
  • Philobryidae.-Shell thin, very inequilateral, anterior part atrophied, umbones projecting.

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