Sentence Examples

  • The fondi d'oro suggested the manufacture of plaques of gold which could be broken up into tesserae for use in mosaics.
  • Square, with pointed arches decorated with diaper work, supported on pairs of columns in white marble, 216 in all, which were alternately plain and decorated by bands of patterns in gold and colours, made of glass tesserae, arranged either spirally or vertically from end to end of each shaft.
  • The nave and porch were floored with plain red tesserae: in the apse was a simple mosaic panel in red, black and white.
  • Besides busts and figurines, which belong as a rule to the Greek period, the smaller objects usually found are earthen pitchers and lamps, glass-wares, tesserae and gems. Of buildings which can be called architectural few specimens now exist on Phoenician soil, for the reason that for ages the inhabitants have used the ruins as convenient quarries.
  • I.-Tesserae Of Porcelain Mosaic In Form Of Houses Fig.