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  • Sometimes they occupy the approaches to tablelands, the narrowest points of gorges, or the fords of rivers; sometimes almost inaccessible mountain tops or important points on ridges; and it may be noticed that, where two important nuraghi are not visible from one another, a small one is interpolated, showing that there was a system of signalling from one to another.
  • On the higher, arid, sun-parched tablelands of San Juan.
  • Per annum, the tablelands 32 in., and the western interior has an average as low as 20 in.
  • The climate of the Northern Territory is extremely hot, except on the elevated tablelands...
  • The flat lands which extend from the base of the Alpine foothills to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, assume the character either of dry deserts, as in the Aral-Caspian depression, or of low tablelands, as in central Russia and E.

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