Sentence Examples

  • The southern Suebic peoples, the Alamanni and Bavarians, extended their frontiers as far as the Alps probably about the same time.
  • The Hermunduri had apparently belonged to the Suebi, but it is likely enough that reinforcements from new Suebic tribes had now moved westward.
  • The basin of the Elbe was inhabited by Suebic tribes, the chief of which were the Marcomanni, who seem to have been settled on the Saale during the latter part of the 1st century n.c., but moved into Bohemia before the beginning of the Christian era, where they at once became a formidable power under their king Maroboduus.
  • The next important conflict with the Romans was the Marcomannic War (166180), in which all the Suebic tribes together with the Vandals (apparently the ancient Lugii) and the Sarmatian lazyges seem to have taken part.
  • The Burgundians made their appearance in the west shortly before the end of the 3rd century, settling in the basin of the Main, and it is probable that some portions of the north Suebic peoples, perhaps fhe ancient Semnones, had already moved westward.