Sentence Examples

  • The game in the North Woods attracts large numbers of sportsmen during the autumn season.
  • The four-horned antelope (Tetracerus quadricornis) and the gazelle (Gazelles bennetti), the chinkara or " ravine deer " of sportsmen, are also found in India.
  • At Belleek it forms a considerable waterfall and is here well known to sportsmen for its good salmon fishing.
  • It is navigable only for a few miles above the mouth, but its salmon fisheries are both attractive to sportsmen and of considerable commercial value.
  • Of interest for sportsmen, as well as serving as prey for the carnivores, are red deer, goats (Capra pallasit and C. aegagrus), chamois, roebuck, moufflon (Ovis musimon), argali or Asiatic wild sheep (0.